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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a viewing?

Just phone or email the office. If you would prefer for us to call you just click the request a ring back on the home page.

Do we allow a student and professional mix?

In some properties this is possible but it does have an impact on council tax exemption. Please contact one of our representatives for further information.

I have seen the property – how do I reserve it?

Just call or email the office and your required paperwork will be emailed out to you.

Do I pay council tax?

As a student you are exempt from council tax. However, you will be required to give us a copy of your student council tax exemption form so we can square it with the council.

Are bills included?

Some properties do include bills – this is dependable on the property though. Please contact one of representatives for further information.

Do I pay rent over the summer?

This is dependable on the property. Please contact one of our representatives for further information.

How do I check into a property if I have reserved it?

Your check in information and process will be emailed to you before you check in. If you have not received it please contact one of our representatives.

If I pay a deposit – where is it held?

All our deposits are held with the landlords of the properties. If we hold your deposit we use

I really like a property but don’t have enough people – can you help with room share?

Yes we can potentially help here – give us a call and we will see what we can do for you.

I have a problem in the house out of office hours, who do I contact?

If your problem is urgent and requires immediate attention please contact us on our 24 hour maintenance number - 0700 345 1152

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