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Stay Safe

Huddersfield has a low crime rate compared to other university towns however it is always best to play it safe here are some useful tips…

•Keep doors and windows locked

•Mark their property with their university name and student number

•Don't leave cash and valuables on display in their rooms

•Leave lights or radios on when they go out to give the impression someone is in

•Never walk alone after dark

•Get a personal attack alarm

•Carry their bags close to their bodies, but if someone tries to get it, let it go

•When out at night get a taxi home - don't be tempted to hitch a ride or accept a lift from someone you don't know

•Any suspicious incidents should always be reported to the police

The police's website also provides students with more safety advice at or call them on 01484 436876

Gas safety

Call the free emergency helpline on 0800 111999


The university has its own Health Centre on campus, click below for details


Find a dentist using the directory link below

Emergency Dental Services are also available by ringing NHS Direct on 0845 1203174.